AB&TCC Futurity

The purpose of the Futurity is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Black & Tan Coonhounds, and to reward the breeders for their efforts. Thus, the Futurity Stake is weighted towards the breeder. Recognition is also given to the owners, in whose hands lay the responsibility of developing the inherited potential. The sire is recognized for this genetic contribution.” -- AB&TCC Futurity Guidelines

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2020 Futurity

REMEMBER, both bitches and puppies are eligible for late nomination!  Late nomination fees are $25 per bitch to nominate the entire litter, and $25 per puppy if older than four months of age.  The AB&TCC Board strongly urges our breeders to nominate and show their eligible puppies in this showcase of our breed!

Following is the list of bitches whose puppies will be eligible to compete at the 2020 AB&TCC Futurity.
If you believe your eligible bitch or puppy is missing from this list, please contact the Futurity Chair, Karen Winn, 859-229-5224, or at CloverCreekBT@gmail.com.

List of eligible participants as of 2/10/2020.

Bitch Name Litter Due Owner Name
Ch Jazzman Miss B Haven 11/20/2018 Raven Klone & Zoe Bolin
Ch Jazzman Miss B Haven 05/21/2019 Zoe Bolin
GCH Squire In Route to Cheyenne 05/22/2019 John & Ann Magenau
CH Carlin Quarterback Crush 06/24/2019 T.Mitchell, M.Clevenger, A.Pillow
GCHB Jazzman Smarty Pants 09/08/2019 Zoe Bolin

List of Eligible Puppies For 2020
Puppy Name Date of Birth Sex Owner Name
Rockytop Jazzman Mercedes Benz 05/20/2019 F Edith Atchley & Zoe Bolin
Jazzman Shelby Fastback 05/20/2019 F Robert & Lisa Fey,S.Cafferty
Jazzman Civic Accord 05/20/2019 F Zoe Bolin
Jazzman Armoured Vehicle 05/20/2019 M Zoe Bolin
Squire in Trueheart to Tallulah 05/22/2019 F Kiko Nobusawa/ D.Pacun
Squire: I Got My Mojo Working 05/22/2019 M John & Ann Magenau
Squire: Smokestack Lightning 05/22/2019 M John & Ann Magenau
Jazzman Earhart’s Journey to Old Soul 09/08/2019 F Raven & Zeke Klone
Jazzman-Cashlane Firedome at Foxfire 05/20/2019 M R.Urban & S.Cafferty

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