Rockytop Mountain River Rose UD AX OAJ AXP AJP
Ch Southchase's Brother Eli X Double B's Princess Jasmine

Owners: Michael & Suzanne Romero
Breeders: Edith S. & Samantha L. Atchley
Call Name: Adara Rose
MARCH 11, 1998 - 

Adara Rose is our very first Black & Tan Coonhound. We were somewhat concerned that her young, full grown Flat-Coated Retriever brother might intimidate or frighten this sweet delicate puppy, being a typical rambunctious boy Flat-Coat. Our concerns were unfounded. Within the first five minutes in her new home she hopped with ease over the kitchen baby gate protecting her and immediately greeted her brother with a big kiss and bouncy playfulness. She and her Flat-Coat brother have been best buddies ever since. 

Adara performed admirably for us in the conformation trials, being so lovely and a good sport for her inexperienced Mommy handler, but after a short time our focus changed from conformation to agility and obedience, when she astonished us with her intelligence, athletic grace and adaptability. After Adara decided agility could be really fun, she bounded with the grace of a deer through the agility trial courses, soaring over the jumps, never knocking a bar or missing a contact, and quickly qualifying with high placements in her runs and gaining her Novice Standard and Jumpers agility titles. Moving forward into Open, she finished her Open Standard and Jumpers Agility titles with ease in 2002. Her success in obedience has been no less than in agility, earning her a CD title with placement ribbons at the end of 2001 and her CDX title with placements in 2003. Adara is quickly learning her new skills in Utility as meanwhile she continues to compete in Open B.

Through the years, Adara has taught us to appreciate the amazing intellect and fortitude of Black & Tans. Adara views every day of her life as a new adventure. She enjoys her family and human friends, she enjoys other dogs and other places. She accepts each daily challenge with a dutiful responsibility, then afterwards curls up on the couch or her bed, or stretches out in a warm sunny place, and relaxes appreciatively into a state of restful bliss. And we let her. She earned it!


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