Ch. Jersey’s Devouring Element CD, NA, NAJ, VCD1, CGC, TDI

Call Name: Belle
1985 - 
OWNERS: Kathy Ewing & Jinnie-Ann Stora
BREEDER: Jinnie-Ann Stora

Belle began life at Jersey Blu Kennels with her breeder, Jinnie-Ann Stora, and 8 other pups. She was a handful. At a fun match in Emporia, Kansas, Jinnie-Ann asked Kathy Ewing, and Mike & Susan Williams to help show puppies. The next weekend, the three drove to Jinnie-Ann’s and came back to Wichita with the 12 week old Belle. The idea was for Kathy to show her in obedience for a challenge after her two Shelties who were always willing to please. Two weeks later, Belle earned her CGC at the age of 14 weeks.

Belle went into the conformation ring at the age of 6 months and had completed her championship at the age of 7 months. She loved to show and, being a great specimen of the breed, won. Her conformation career was sporadic after that, because her co-owners were more interested in seeing what she could do in performance. However, Belle showed everyone that she was truly a Champion when she was awarded Best of Opposite Sex at the 1999 National Specialty in Wichita, Kansas.

Belle’s performance career really took off when she was 1 year old. Her first goal was a tracking title. That was accomplished quite easily less than a year later.

Next came 0bedience, which wasn’t quite as easy. Belle was not happy about this event and made sure that everyone knew by creativity in the ring. One time she decided she was in the conformation ring and refused to sit – in fact, she heeled about 1 foot away from Kathy and would free-stack into a perfect show stack each time they stopped. Another time when she decided it was too hot to be showing in Colorado (inside a building) and just looked at Kathy and panted once then grinned when she was supposed to be doing the recall!

After obedience, Belle took up agility. This was, and is, Belle’s second favorite event, tracking being the first. Belle completed both her NA and NAJ titles at the same show and, in doing so, earned her VCD1. She is the first Black and Tan Coonhound to have earned this prestigious performance title. Belle continues to run agility, although at the Preferred height as she gets older, and loves every minute.

Belle is truly an all-around dog and exemplifies everything in the breed standard.


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