Ziegler's Kojack UD
UKC “PR” Krause’s Black Bill x Young Missouri Bugle Ann

Owner: Mable Ziegler
Breeder: Henry Krause
Call Name: Kodie
1978 - 1987

Zieger’s Kojack hailed from the north woods, and arrived at the home of his owner, Mable Ziegler as a totally unsocialized 9 week old pup. Mabel had special goals in mind for little Kodie which included an obedience CD title and to make a statement to her older hunting buddies that coonhounds could do more than just hunt. During those days in the 1970’s and 80’s, most coonhounds in Mable’s area lived on a chain and the local coonhunters thought a hound wasn’t capable of learning anything else. Kodie was soon to open their eyes. In the woods, Kodie was a straight cooner with exceptional cold trailing abilities. He had a low melodious bugle mouth when cold tracking and a bellowing roar when the track heated up. Kodie lived to hunt, but he was also Mable’s constant companion. When she decided to make the CD a goal, she started by maintaining control in the woods. Once that was accomplished she added the task of teaching Kodie to retrieve and jump (AKC regulations were 36” and 72”) then it was on to the goal of CDX. That finished, the UD became the goal. Kodie was a very precise worker serious and proud about everything he did; but his love was a “country boys” life and hunting. The hours spent obedience training paid off when he was free to do what he was born and bred to do. 



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