Ch. McDaniel's Sugarfoot UDT
St. John’s Dave x Ch. Stoneyhill’s Miss Scarlett

Owner: James W. McDaniel
Breeder: Joy W. Koerber & Thomas G. Mohr
Call Name: Sugarfoot
1978 - 1992

History was made in 1981 when Ch. McDaniel’s Surgarfoot became the first of her breed to achieve the difficult Utility degree. This was not the only accomplishment to Sugarfoot’s credit, however; she was also the first to become an AKC Champion UD Black & Tan Coonhound, the first to earn OTCh. Points, and as far as can be acertained, she is the first to Black & Tan Coonhound to win High in Trial. Jim McDaniel, owner, trainer and exhibitor of this notable bitch, acquired Sugarfoot between ice storms in January of 1979 from Robert and Joy Koerber of Stoneyhill Kennel. “She was delightful as soon as we picked her up from the airline”, Mr McDaniel wrote about the 11 week old puppy. “She came out of the crate as if annoucing, “World, here I am, ready or not!”. Sugarfoot completed her AKC Championship at 18 mos. Her debut in the obedience ring occurred in October 1979; she completed her CD degree at under one year of age and qualified 10 out of 11 times shown in Novice B. Sugarfoot went on to complete her CDX degree in two months and started showing in Utility class in August of 1980. By September 1980 she had her third leg in Utility having completed that degree in only six shows, a feat in itself. Sugar completed her final title in Tracking on November 8th 1981 before she became three years old. Jim McDaniel in his trademark Derby Hat and his Black & Tan Coonhound Sugarfoot, together send us this message from above: “Chin up dears. There are winners other than Goldens and Shelties. Get the breed you like and stick with it!”



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